Laser cut and engraving

Our capabilites:

A modern CO2 laser cutting machine awaits your orders.

  • Laser cutting: 500x300mm (up to 8mm thickness)
  • Laser engraving: 400x300mm
  • Many different materials are possible: e.g. wood, acrylic (PMMA), pc (Makrolon or Lexan), paper/cardboard, lether, glass and many more (no metals)
  • Resolution: around 0.05mm.


 Keychains made out of different materials:

Edge lit acrylic sign:

 Engraved, anodizied aluminum and engraved glass:

Cut parts, made out of different materials: (POM, Acryl, Holz):

Perfect for special cases: 

Engraving leather:

We can also engrave your cut parts with your logo or a lettering of your choice with a  minimum size of 2mm.


Wood ornament:

Engraved stainless steel:


On request

Data formats

The cutting with the laser machine uses DXF files in the R12 format.

For engraving we need a JPG or BMP in black and white (2 colors) and the exact dimensions of the project.

For more information please contact us via the contact formular.