Custom-made products and prototype development


You have the idea of a machine and you need active help?

You want to have a custom-made product tailored to your needs?

With our know-how we support you with the layout, the specifications of the functions and the development of the prototype.


After defining the specifications of a machine concern is to find the best solution for the implementation of the desired functions.

The following points have to be considered:

  • mechanics
  • case
  • electronics
  • software
  • testsystem


Every machine needs controls.

We find a concept to equip your machine with the suitable electonics and the required control elements - customized for your purposes.


The better the software the easier the handling of the machine

Of course we write a user-friendly software for your electronics right according to your needs.


Also a prototyp should look professional.

We design a fancy case and cut and engrave it inhouse with our lasercutter out of acrylic glass, POM or other plastics.


We develop customized machines from the layout of the range of functions to the ready prototype as well as the layout of the electronics, the programming of the software and the design of the case.

Custom-made products

Humans are individually and never fit onto the standards. You will get an individual custom-made product from us.

Series production

Together with our partners we support you with the transition to series production.

We design and build testsystems for the electionics and develop a quality control program for the whole machine.

Our services

Holistically development, everything from a single source. Made in Germany.


During the conceptual design of automation systems we use the following components:

  • Steppermotors
  • Linear guides
  • Photo sensors
  • Hall sensors
  • control elements

Our machines

In the production we use our machine pool consisting of:

  • Laserscanner
  • 3D printer
  • Lasercutter
  • Pick'n'Place machine for SMD circuit boards
  • SMD reflow oven



Case for lightweight batteries made of acrylic glass

Custom-made product for an individual helmet for MEG-measurements made of soft plastic

Lamp in Minecraft style

Individual present case for bottles made of wood with felt inlay

If you have any questions or if you are interested in quotes, please contact us via our contact form.