This page contains information about the optoendstop-beta, the optical endstops you can buy at 2PrintBeta.

Version 1

This endstop is based on the reprapsource optoendstop (http://reprapsource.com/oe-r1?lang=en).

The following improvements/changes where made.

  • Removed the screwterminals leaving only the pinheaders.
  • Rerouted the board for a single layer board.
  • Improved routing of the signals

The optoendstop design is licenced under the GLP2.0. You can find the design dokuments here:

Eagle Schematic Eagle Board

Version 2

For version two of the optical endstop, we replaced the 3 through hole resistors with smd versions on the other side. And due to this the board is now much smaller.

It is ofcourse also licenced under GPL2.0. You can find the design documents here:

Eagle Schematic Eagle Board

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