Heated Bed Kit

The heated bed kit is intended for 3D printers, and is compatible with our BetaPrusa 3D printer kits The heated printbed is very helpful against the warping and deforming of bigger objects while printing. If longer object cool down unevenly, stress gets introduced into the object and it might deform or loose contact with the printbed. With this heatedbed your objects are kept warmer while printing and this reduces the chance for this problems. Ideal temperatures of the printbed are around 50°C for PLA and around 110°C for ABS.

The kit comes with a 214 mm x 214 mm pcb which is used as heating source, a 200 mm x 200 mm x 3mm mirror plate to spread the heat evenly and provide a flat printing surface, a 100k thermistor type 104GT-2 to measure the heat, foldback clamps for mounting and with suitable cables to assemble the heated bed.

Please notice this heated bed needs up to 11A and you need a powersupply for it which is powerful enough at 12V. If you use RAMPS electronics, you need to connect an aditional powersupply to the 12V/11A screw terminals.

Building Instructions

To build the heated bed, start with the heated bed pcb.

Using your soldering iron, you sould now connect the thermistor to the contacts in the middle of the printbed. Also solder wires to pads on the side of the pcb. Make sure to use the thick cables on the Power + and - contacts. The unmarked contacts on the following picture are optional for signal LEDs.

After soldering secure the cables with some Kapton tape or zip ties. Now you can mount the heated bed onto your 3D printer. Make sure to install the pcb with the text pointing downwards and the mirror plate above it with the glass side up.

Finally secure the mirror plate with the foldback clamps and cover the plate with the tape of your choice. For ABS Kapton tape is ideal. For PLA a tape on the mirror plate is not mandatory. Now you only need to correctly connect the wires to your electronic and it's ready for printing.

Design Files

The design of the heated printbed is opensource under GPLv2. The original is from Josef Prusa with modifications by Konrad Meyer and the 2PrintBeta team. You can download the eagle brd file here.

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