The BAM&DICE DUE shield


The BAM&DICE DUE shield is the advanced version of the BAM shield. With a additional WLAN adapter it is possible to control a 3d printer with a mobile device Designed for Arduino DUE it offes the full flexibility in +3.3V systems with many DICE boards

The connection scheme of the corresponding DICE-Connector allows fast data
exchange via RS232, I2C and SPI. Also several IOs are available to digitally
control a variety of functions and receive status and error signals.
While older electronics lack in the maximum available power and the number of connections,
now the BAM-Shield is able to fill this gap.

BAM&DICE DUE - No compromises!


  • Supply voltage: +8V - +32V
  • Logic-Voltage: +5V
  • Max. prim. current: 15A
  • Max. sec. current: 15A

Please consider that the values may change with the used DICE-Boards and extensions.
Also important: For use of supply voltages higher than 20V, remove Diode D1 and power the Arduino separately!
To get deeper knowledge, please refer to the manual.


Schematics (PDF): BAM&DICE DUE V1.1 schematics

Reference design (ZIP): BAM&DICE DUE V1.1 reference design


Great thanks to Johnny Russell and all others,
which developed the RAMPS up to version 1.41
and released the hardware with the GPLv3-License.

Have fun with the project.

Best regards,


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