Building a Wades Reloaded extruder

For building a Wades Reloaded extruder you need the following parts:

  • Wades Reloaded plastic parts
  • Wades extruder screws set
  • Nema 17 Motor

To build the Wades Reloaded extruder, we start with the main body and two long M4 screws together with 2 M4 nuts.

Insert the two nuts into the top of the body. Add a m4 washer, a spring and again a M4 washer to the two long M4 screws and screw them into the inserted nuts.

Then take the idler plastic part, a 608ZZ bearing and the short piece of M8 studding. Push the bearing over the studding and press it into the idler part.

Attach the idler to the main body with a M3 screw and two M3 nuts. The idler has a little cavity on one side for a m3 nut. Make sure the idler can move without too much force.

Next insert a 608ZZ bearing into both sides of the extruder body.

Now file a flat onto your Nema17 motor and push the small gear onto it. Secure the gear with a M3 grub screw.

Using three small M3 screws and a M3 washer secure the motor to the Wades body. Make sure to not completly fix the motor yet. You want to adjust its position later so both gears have good contact.

Now push a M8 nyloc nut into the big gear and screw the drive bolt with longer side into it.

Then add 2-3 M8 washers and push it into the bearings on the extruder. Adjust the amount of washers, so that the driving part of the bolt is inline with the plastic hole.

Secure the bolt with a M8 washer and two M8 nuts on the other side and the extruder is nearly finished.

Now you only need to connect you hotend to the extuder and mount it to you carriage with two M4 bolts. The hotend can either be pushed into the wades body and secured with two M3 screws, or attached with a mounting plate below the extruder body.

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