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-====== Mendel Building Instructions ====== 
-For building your Mendel 3D Printer we collected a series of manuals: ​ 
-==== Building the basic 3D Printer body ==== 
-There are different manuals for this task available. ​ 
-   * The official build manual can be found [[http://​reprap.org/​wiki/​Mendel_Build_Manual|here]] 
-Be careful, our casted parts might differ in thickness to the original parts. So always measure from bar to bar and not between plastic parts. ​ 
-==== Building the Wades Extruder ​ ==== 
-   * A good manual for this task was made by gary hodgson. Take a look at this [[http://​garyhodgson.com/​reprap/​wades-geared-extruder-visual-instructions|link]] 
-==== Building the Hot End  ==== 
-   * The arcol.hu 4.0 hotend sold by 2PrintBeta is a newer version of [[http://​wiki.arcol.hu/​arcol-hu-hot-end-v30-assembly|this]]. \\ 
-Instructions for this can be found on the following [[build-arcol-4.0-hotend|page]]. \\ 
-Or directly on the arcol.hu wiki [[http://​wiki.arcol.hu/​arcol-hu-hot-end-v30-assembly|here]] 
-   * The J-head hotend sold by 2PrintBeta is a improved version of the standard J-head hotend. \\ 
-Instructions for building the J-head hotend can be found on this [[build-jhead|page]]. \\ 
-For general information about the j-head hotend, click on this [[http://​www.reprap.org/​wiki/​J_Head_Nozzle|link]]. 
-==== Connecting the RAMPS electronics ==== 
-   *A good overview about the RAMPS 1.4 electronics can be found on the reprap.org homepage under [[http://​www.reprap.org/​wiki/​RAMPS|this]] link. 
-   * Make sure you connect the power supply to the screw connector on the RAMPS board and not to the Arduino itself. 
-   * Check polarity when connecting the power supply to the RAMPS' screw connectors. The example picture below shows the polarity of the board. Be carefull, there are power supplies with different connectors. The positiv wire might be either red or marked with white writing or completely different. Best measure it before connecting. ​ 
-==== Software ==== 
-   * A good firmware for the RAMPS 1.4 is Sprinter, which can be found [[http://​www.reprap.org/​wiki/​Sprinter|here]]. 
-   * As host software to control the printer we recommend Pronterface,​ a nice, easy and portable software which can be found [[http://​www.reprap.org/​wiki/​Pronterface|here]]. 
-   * And to convert your 3D models into printer paths we recommend [[http://​www.reprap.org/​wiki/​SFACT|SFACT]]. 
-===== WORK IN PROGRESS ===== 

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