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-====== Building a J-head Hotend ====== 
-When you buy a J-head hotend from 2PrintBeta, you get the following package: \\ 
-{{::​j-head:​j-head-set.jpg?​500|}} \\ 
-This package contains the follwing parts:\\ 
-  * pre-assembled j-head hotend 
-  * heating element 40W with cables 
-  * hotend clamp 
-  * thermistor 
-  * isolation for the thermistor 
-  * 2 small ferrules 
-===== Adding the heating element ===== 
-Using a fitting screwdriver,​ unscrew the grub screw in the j-head a bit,then insert the heating element and fix with the grub screw. \\ 
-{{:​j-head:​j-head-screw.jpg?​400|}} {{:​j-head:​j-head-heating.jpg?​230|}} 
-==== Adding the thermistor ==== 
-When handling the thermistor be very carefull. The wires on the thermistor are very fragile and might break if you dont handle it with care. \\ 
-First prepare the cable you gonna use for the thermistor, and strip about 1cm of isolation from it. It should look like this: \\ 
-{{:​j-head:​j-head_cable.jpg?​300|}} ​ 
-Then add the ferrules to the cables, cut the thin isolation into half and add it to the thermistor: \\ 
-{{:​j-head:​j-head-crimp.jpg?​300|}} {{:​j-head:​j-head-thermistor-iso.jpg?​400|}} ​ 
-Then carefully wind the thermistor cable around your striped wire to make good contact: \\ 
-Finally move the ferrule over the wire connection and crimp it together using pliers. Do this for both thermistor cables. \\ 
-If you like, you can also add some isolation tape to make sure it doesnt make any shorts. \\ 
-The finished thermistor should look like this: \\ 
-{{:​j-head:​j-head-thermistor-ready.jpg?​300|}} \\ 
-If you have a soldering iron ready, you can also solder the wires to the thermistor if you like. \\ 
-Finally push the thermistor carefully into the hole of the j-head and secure your cables with some tape. \\ 
-{{:​j-head:​j-head-push-thermistor.jpg?​300|}} ​ 
-Now you j-head hotend is ready. \\ 
-You can either push on the hotend clamp onto the top and mount the hotend between you carriage and nearly any extruder. \\ 
-Or if your extruder supports this, you can push it directly into the extruder body and fix it with screws. ​ 

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