Building a J-head Hotend

When you buy a J-head hotend from 2PrintBeta, you get the following package:

This package contains the follwing parts:

  • pre-assembled j-head hotend
  • heating element 40W with cables
  • hotend clamp
  • thermistor
  • isolation for the thermistor
  • 2 small ferrules

Adding the heating element

Using a fitting screwdriver, unscrew the grub screw in the j-head a bit,then insert the heating element and fix with the grub screw.

Adding the thermistor

When handling the thermistor be very carefull. The wires on the thermistor are very fragile and might break if you dont handle it with care.

First prepare the cable you gonna use for the thermistor, and strip about 1cm of isolation from it. It should look like this:

Then add the ferrules to the cables, cut the thin isolation into half and add it to the thermistor:

Then carefully wind the thermistor cable around your striped wire to make good contact:

Finally move the ferrule over the wire connection and crimp it together using pliers. Do this for both thermistor cables.
If you like, you can also add some isolation tape to make sure it doesnt make any shorts.
The finished thermistor should look like this:

If you have a soldering iron ready, you can also solder the wires to the thermistor if you like.

Finally push the thermistor carefully into the hole of the j-head and secure your cables with some tape.

Now your j-head hotend is ready.
You can either push on the hotend clamp onto the top and mount the hotend between you carriage and nearly any extruder.
Or if your extruder supports this, you can push it directly into the extruder body and fix it with screws.

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