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BetaPrusa 3D printer kits

The BetaPrusa 3D printer kits are a improved variant of the normal reprap Prusa 3d printer. These kits contains everything you need to build a 3d printer.

The above picture shows the deluxe version of the BetaPrusa 3D printer. You can see a few closeup picture of some details here:

The kits are available in three different variants:

  • “Minimal” with the minimal amount of parts you need to build a 3D printer. It gets shipped with bushings on all axes and you need to source a power supply yourself. For only 499€ it can be yours, if you want it click on this link.

  • “Standard” witch is a normal “all you need” package for your 3D printer. It contains linear bearings for all axes, a fan to cool printed filament, a arduino holder and a filament guide. For only 599€ it can be yours, if you want it, click on this link.

  • “Deluxe” with all parts we can deliver for your 3D printer. It not only contains the linear bearings and extra parts like the standard version but also added stabilizers for your frame, anti-wobble devices for the z-axis and a heated printbed instead of the acrylic plate in standard and minimal version. Also the belts in this kit are T2.5 instead of T5, which should improve the achievable precision of the device. For only 699€ it can be yours, if you want it, click on this link.

The kits are an improved variant of the normal reprap prusa 3D printer, consisting of parts from our already known casted prusa kits and many improved parts. All these upgrades make this a state of the art prusa 3D printer.

For example, we exchanged the normal lower y-axis plate with a big casted part which guaranties perfect alignment of the bearings and provides a stable base for the print bed.

Also many parts have nuts casted in, which makes building the 3D printer even easier. You can see some pictures of these parts here:

Other parts we improved or added, like a filament guide, a arduino holder, a plugable y-motor holder, timing belt guides and anti-wobble devices:

Many parts are directly taken from the opensource reprap community or are improved versions of them, so many thanks to them. Especially to prusa, greg, ScribbleJ, MakerCubed, Nophead and many others, you guys rock !

Ofcourse our parts are again opensource and you can find a full archive of all parts in stl and openscad form on thingiverse as part 34630. Also included in this archive is an openscad file with the full assembly instructions for our machine, which we used to generate a nice assembly document.

Also every kit comes with an USB stick, which contains assembly and usage instructions as pdf files for all BetaPrusa variants in german and english, a preconfigured firmware, Sfact with a preconfigured profile and all other software you might need for your 3D printer.

You can download the PDF files for the assembly manual here in german and english:
Assembly Instruction for BetaPrusa minimal
Assembly Instructions for BetaPrusa standard and deluxe
Aufbauanleitung für BetaPrusa Minimal
Aufbauanleitung für BetaPrusa Standard und Deluxe

And the operating manual in german and english:
Betriebsanleitung BetaPrusa
Operating manual BetaPrusa

The kits allow you to choose between 0.3 mm nozzles and 0.5 mm nozzles. Smaller nozzles allow you to print with smaller layer heights and get more precision in your print. But smaller layer sizes also need much better calibration and printing takes much longer. So we recommend 0.5 mm nozzles for beginners.

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