Beta-Head - The stainless steel hotend

The Beta-Head is a stainless steel hotend, designed as a replacement for the common J-head hotend.

Due to it's construction only out of metal, it is very durable and can sustain very high temperatures up to 300°C. The design reduces maintenance and wearing parts are avoided.

The stainless steel nozzles extends from top to tip without any seams, so that no plastic can creep into them and block the nozzle. The aluminium cooling parts makes sure that the upper part of the hotend stays cool enough so that the driven plastic does not get too soft.

The aluminium heating part contains holes for the heater, the measuring thermistor and is clamped onto the stainless steel nozzle. For easy maintenance, the nozzle is screwed into the cooling block.

For extra printing precision, the nozzle also has a very sharp tip, like our improved J-Head nozzles.

The hotend is deliverd completely assembled with 1m cables to make it easy to install it into your printer.

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