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 {{:​logo-bam_dice.jpg?​300|}} \\ {{:​logo-bam_dice.jpg?​300|}} \\
-When using DICE-STK as standard stepper driver, ​the BAM-Shield\\ +During ​the development following intended improvements have been forced: 
-offers about twice the motor power, compared to RAMPS stepper drivers.\\ +  * High power driving capability 
-By using other DICEs in combination,​ higher currents and extensive creations are possible. \\+  * Thoroughgoing flexibility for prototyping projects 
 +  * High number of in-/outputs 
 +  * Usability 
 +  * Cost effective design 
 +  * Testability
-===== System ​=====+===== Brilliant performance ​=====
-Heart of the system is Arduino Mega1280/​2560. ​+
-The BAM-Shield ​V1.offers the adaption of the DICE-Boards to the Arduino ​\\ +When using DICE-STKs as standard stepper drivers, the BAM-Shield ​offers \\ 
-and some peripherals:​+about twice the motor power, compared to the common RAMPS stepper drivers.\\ 
 +By replacing DICE-STK with other DICEs, even higher currents are possible. \\ 
 +If you get a simple idea for a extraordinary device, BAM&​DICE will give you \\  
 +mostly everything to make it fast and simple. 
 +===== System ====== 
 +Based on the Arduino Mega1280/​2560 the [[http://​wiki.2printbeta.de/​doku.php/​bam-shield|BAM-Shield]] ​offers the adaption ​\\ 
 +of the DICE-Boards to the Arduino and some peripherals:​
   * Fuses   * Fuses
   * Three high current switches   * Three high current switches
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   * Six endstop signals ​   * Six endstop signals ​
-The DICE-Boards ​are used to fulfil specific tasks:+The [[http://​wiki.2printbeta.de/​doku.php/​dice-boards|DICEs]] ​are used to fulfil specific tasks: ​
   * Driving stepper motors   * Driving stepper motors
   * Switching actuators   * Switching actuators
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   * Set and get digital signals   * Set and get digital signals
-Due to it's full compatiblity to RAMPS, all other available addons are usable. 
-The first set of BAM&​DICE consists of the following modules: \\+As there are more DICEs in development,​ the possibilities will constantly grow. 
 +===== Basic modules ====== 
 +The basic set of BAM&​DICE consists of the following modules: \\
 {{:​bam_dice-modules-v1.0.jpg?​500|BAM&​DICE - Modules V1.0}} \\ {{:​bam_dice-modules-v1.0.jpg?​500|BAM&​DICE - Modules V1.0}} \\
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 Please look [[http://​wiki.2printbeta.de/​doku.php/​dice-boards|here]],​ to get the plans. \\ Please look [[http://​wiki.2printbeta.de/​doku.php/​dice-boards|here]],​ to get the plans. \\
 Also, a big number of peripheral devices and sensors can be attached due to the full compatibility to RAMPS. \\ Also, a big number of peripheral devices and sensors can be attached due to the full compatibility to RAMPS. \\

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