The BAM&DICE smart controller


The BAM&DICE smart controller offers SD card interface, a wide 20×4 chars LCD display, a durable encoder switch with metal shaft, a beeper and a singe push button. Topic of the design is the wide input voltage, so +3.3V and +5V controllers can be used. Additional care has been taken to improve the EMI in order to achieve high data rates and low electromagnetic emissions. Thus, the board is the working alternative compared to other equipment.

 Topview of the display module
Suitable adapter for the BAM&DICE series


  • Logic-Voltage: +3.3V / +5V
  • Onboard highly efficient DC/DC converter
  • SD Card reader
  • LCD Display with 20×4 characters
  • Encoder button with push button
  • Additional push button


LCD Schematics (PDF): BAM&DICE SmartController V1 schematics
Adapter Schematics (PDF): LCD-Betadapter V1 schematics

Reference design (ZIP): BAM&DICE smart controller V1 reference design

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