BAM&DICE is a combination of the BAM-Shield, our enhanced clone of RAMPS V1.41,
mounted with the common used PCI-E connectors for the suitable DICE modules.

During the development following intended improvements have been forced:

  • High power driving capability
  • Thoroughgoing flexibility for prototyping projects
  • High number of in-/outputs
  • Usability
  • Cost effective design
  • Testability

Brilliant performance

When using DICE-STKs as standard stepper drivers, the BAM-Shield offers
about twice the motor power, compared to the common RAMPS stepper drivers.
By replacing DICE-STK with other DICEs, even higher currents are possible.

If you get a simple idea for a extraordinary device, BAM&DICE will give you
mostly everything to make it fast and simple.


Based on the Arduino Mega1280/2560 the BAM-Shield offers the adaption
of the DICE-Boards to the Arduino and some peripherals:

  • Fuses
  • Three high current switches
  • Three analog inputs
  • Six endstop signals

The DICEs are used to fulfil specific tasks:

  • Driving stepper motors
  • Switching actuators
  • Measure temperatures
  • Set and get digital signals

As there are more DICEs in development, the possibilities will constantly grow.

Basic modules

The basic set of BAM&DICE consists of the following modules:

BAM&DICE - Modules V1.0

Each DICE-Slot can be configured with three jumpers to define substeppings
or addresses for the DICEs. Most of the DICEs can be configured to work with 3.3V and 5V logic.
Please look here, to get the plans.
Also, a big number of peripheral devices and sensors can be attached due to the full compatibility to RAMPS.

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