The BAM-Shield is especially designed to give the most possible flexibility
for Arduino based applications by enabling the parallel use of five
so called Diverse Interchangable Controller Extension (DICE).
The connection scheme of the corresponding DICE-Connector allows fast data
exchange via RS232, I2C and SPI. Also several IOs are available to digitally
control a variety of functions and receive status and error signals.
While older electronics lack in the maximum available power and the number of connections,
now the BAM-Shield is able to fill this gap.

BAM&DICE - Zucker für's Projekt!


  • Supply voltage: +7V - +32V
  • Logic-Voltage: +5V
  • Max. prim. current: 15A
  • Max. sec. current: 10A

Please consider that the values may change with the used DICE-Boards and extensions.
Also important: For use of supply voltages higher than 20V, remove Diode D1 and power the Arduino separately!
To get deeper knowledge, follow this link.


Newest: BAM-Shield V1.2 - Schematics (PDF): BAM-Shield-V1.2 schematics

Older: BAM-Shield V1.0 - Schematics (PDF): BAM-Shield-V1 schematics
BAM&Shield V1.0 - EAGLE and BOM (ZIP): BAM-Shield-V1 Hardware


Great thanks to Johnny Russell and all others,
which developed the RAMPS up to version 1.41
and released the hardware with the GPLv3-License.

Have fun with the project.

Best regards,


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